WordPress Vs HTML5

Wordpress vs HTML5

So many times when building a website you are bombarded with hundreds of options. Do I use WordPress? What even is PHP? Do I really need WordPress, or is HTML good enough for my site? Well, luckily for you we have some of the answers you’ve been looking for.

What’s your use case?

When trying to decide whether to go with a static HTML5 website or a WordPress site, it’s important to know what the main goal of your site is: Are you trying to push regularly updated content to your customers? Do you want it to be easy to make changes to your site? What is your budget when it comes to hosting?


When it comes to static sites, HTML5 is king. If you are trying to build a website quickly, and want the cheapest hosting option possible, then HTML5 is for you. Because no server-side processing is involved, HTML5 is cheaper.

What is makes up for in the speed and financial department though, HTML5 lacks in options. Adding dynamic content, optimizing SEO on the fly, or allowing multiples users to edit copy on your site, are all thrown out the window with HTML5.


WordPress is the go-to option for bloggers, those wanting dynamic content, and SEO professionals. The customization WordPress gives is top-notch. Not just this, but WordPress hooks into many automated marketing workflows. Everything from spam prevention to automatic emailing lists can be built into your WordPress website.

Unfortunately, WordPress is a more expensive option than HTML5. Your site might require some more time, and your website hosting options are generally going to be more expensive.

The Winner

There is only one clear cut winner here: WordPress. While it may end up making a bit longer to build your site, and the hosting options might cost more per month, the flexibility and SEO customization you gain from WordPress makes it very worth it. Websites are usually dynamic, and having the ability to swap out content on the fly is what puts WordPress ahead in our HTML5 vs WordPress showdown.

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